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Chairman Message

Warm Greetings from MCRT 94!

In today's faced paced, often chaotic life of deadlines, targets, vision boards and to-do lists, it is important to ever so often, step back and review what holds importance for us in our life and ensure that our daily humdrum is aligned to these priorities. To sift through the noise and jargon and to consciously and wilfully, Keep It Simple. Here at MCRT 94, we know our priorities - we value our relationships first, remaining ever committed towards our goal of community service. It is that simple. 

MCRT 94 has been striving in the past few years to attain the ideal balance between all aspect of tabling. As you browse through the pages of this website, you will see that balance reflected in our fellowship, fundraising and projects. 

MCRT 94 has raised the bar in fundraising over the last few years and you will find in these pages, our two very unique brands, which we are now recognised and known for. Chennai Kidathon - the largest kids marathon run in the country and SuperChef Chennai - our celebration of food and cooking - have been widely publicized, pulsating events that have created huge excitement in the city for the last three years. We have had not only our large sponsors to thank for for this, but a huge base of thousands of eager participants who have believed in these competitions and put their time, money and effort in our events and truly brought them to life. 

The worth of any table, lies in the lives it manages to touch. You will find two of the most deserving projects in these pages. MCRT 94 with Ford is a successful NGO-Corporate partnership undertaking our 'Freedom Through Education' project -that has together created conducive infrastructure for underprivileged schools. The other is Sanjeevi Primary Healthcare center in Maraimalai Nagar that has served 40 villages and more than 430,000 rural patients over the last 16 years. Other smaller projects include medical camps and support to our brethen affected by natural calamities and others. 

MCRT 94, welcomes contributions to our Foundation, to help continue our projects. All donations are exempt under 80 G of the Income Tax Act. We are a zero overheads organisation and all contributions are used for the projects in their entirety. 

Hope you enjoy browsing through our website. Feel free to drop us a line with your feedback or any queries. 

Remember to Keep it Simple!


LMF Tr. Sandeep Reddy

Chairman 2018-19,

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